We pride ourselves on being a full service company that assists customers through all levels of a project and this also helps ensure the success of a project.  Having a full service DESIGN-GROW-BUILD company is another level of customer service and quality control.   That quality control comes from having one ecological landscaping firm with an in house collaboration between landscape designers, botanists, wildlife biologists and restoration professionals.  We support each other as a team and making sure all goals are met.



ECI works with clients to create landscape and restoration plans that meet their project goals. Professional expertise assures the most efficient plans to suit any client’s specific needs.  From habitat restoration plans, water conservation and ecological landscape designs, ECI uses the most current products and methods to ensure a sustainable design.

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After a design has been finalized, ECI’s native plant nursery, Central Coast Wilds, can grow plant stock specific to site conditions and planting plans.  CCW is a recognized leader in native plant horticulture.  They specialize in site specific native plants, with proven expertise in collection, propagation, and cultivation.

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ECI’s specialized field crews are skilled in the installation of all types of restoration and landscape projects.  ECI has the equipment, knowledge, and experience to see projects through to successful completion.

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ECI’s team of consultants has the ecological expertise to manage construction and monitor for permit compliance during all phases of project implementation.  Call on ECI to ensure that stringent permitting requirements are met.

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ECI’s restoration technicians and ecological landscapers are highly skilled in vegetation management and ecological landscape practices, with experience throughout California’s various ecosystems.

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