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Erosion Control

Long term erosion control planning requires proper plant species selection. Native perennial bunch grasses are excellent choices for erosion control. Unlike non-native annual grasses, native perennial grasses are long lived and deep rooted plants that provide permanent cover. Because of their rooting ability, native grasses provide increased water infiltration rates and less over surface flow, thus reducing erosion. Most native grasses are also drought tolerant, remaining green during the dry season, long after annual erosion control grasses have turned dry and brown. Central Coast Wilds offers a native erosion control mix consisting of three native species that germinate and develop rapidly. This mix performs well under a variety of environmental parameters: sun/shade, wet/dry, or sandy/clay soil types.

Biotechnical Slope Stabilization

ECI installs biotechnical erosion control systems for slopes and stream banks. Biotechnical erosion control combines vegetative and structural strategies utilizing techniques that include strategic placement of straw rolls, willow wattles, brush layering and vegetated riprap, gabions and rock walls. Biotechnical systems provide cost effective solutions to erosion control problems that enhance habitat without compromising the structural integrity of public works projects.


 ECI Crews working with a hydro seeder to stabilize a recently constructed bank.