CCW Logo 30 years anniversaryCentral Coast Wilds (CCW) nursery operates under ECI and is a wholesale native plant nursery. CCW specializes in growing watershed specific native plants for habitat restoration and ecological landscape projects. We grow hundreds of species of native plants that are indigenous to watersheds throughout the Monterey and San Francisco Bay Areas.

Plant Materials Consultations

CCW consults with landscape architects and project designers on the selection of native plant species for use in restoration and landscape projects.

Site-Specific Seed Collection

CCW designs and implements site-specific seed collection programs for revegetation, habitat enhancement and restoration projects.

  • Accurate species identification
  • Low-impact collection techniques
  • Guaranteed seed purity
  • Contract seed drilling, harvesting and cleaning equipment for large-scale seed projects

Seed Increase Program

CCW designs and manages seed increase programs for large-scale restoration projects, e.g., maintenance of a ten-acre seed production farm in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Phytosanitation Program

CCW Nursery is compliant with CDFA phytosanitation regulations and has implemented a wide variety of Best Management Practices (BMP’s) to insure that all of our plants are pest and disease free, including:

  • Excellent propagation hygiene
  • Elevation of plants off the ground
  • Utilizing new pots only
  • Spot testing plants with ELISA kits

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“It was a pleasure working with you Sheere and I truly appreciate that you were able to get the plants delivered with such short notice! Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you on other project as well”

Kelsi Jones
Decker Landscaping

“We are definitely going to do this project. I am really happy with your consultation, services and follow up. Your team is awesome and I really look forward to working with you.”

Landscape Designer