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Ecological Concerns Incorporated supports ongoing research in the areas of restoration ecology, agroecology, ethnobotany and invasive plants eradication. We sponsor students from the University of California Santa Cruz, San Jose State University, Monterey Bay State University and Cabrillo Community College.

Native plant population ecology

In conjunction with the California Native Plant Society and the California Native Grass Association, we are working to develop a database of information on the genetic diversity of native plant populations in order to provide ecologists with new tools for planning restoration projects.

Invasive non-native plant control

In support of the California Exotic Pest Plant Council, ECI is researching non-chemical techniques for eradicating exotic pest plants from coastal ecosystems.

Integration of native plants into agroecosystems

Working with the Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Community Alliance with Family Farmers, we are developing applications of native plants in windbreaks, hedgerows and critical areas within agroecosystems.res 2(TEST PLOTS FOR ITALIAN THISTLE REMOVAL)