Net Zero Water Use

ECI has been helping families and businesses solve their water supply problems by designing rainwater harvesting systems which are integrated into sustainable, functional, and beautiful landscapes. What sets us apart from other landscape architecture and rainwater harvesting companies is our experience and our aesthetic “Net Zero Water Use” design.

Net zero water use consists of capturing rainwater on-site, utilizing it for irrigation, and then directing it back into the ground to recharge the aquifer. Our systems also utilize greywater which is an excellent source for irrigation and is readily available throughout the year, especially during the dry summer months. Along with water-wise plant choices and very efficient irrigation systems, many landscapes can be irrigated entirely with rainwater and/or greywater. We look forward to helping you create a magnificent sustainable landscape.


The benefits of our integrated design approach are:

● Beautiful and sustainable landscapes
● Optimum water utilization
● Savings of water and money
● Healthier plants and soil
● Erosion control
● Improved stormwater management
● Groundwater and aquifer recharge