Habitat Restoration Plans

ECI works with homeowners, developers, government agencies, non profits and anyone needing assistance building a solid habitat restoration plan.  We start by assessing current site conditions and customer goals.  It is especially important to know what natives are present on any given site.  This helps our ecologist and landscape architects plan for invasive species removal and revegetation.  ECI will then start mapping out each step of construction and maintenance with our clients. Our plans have the foresight of twenty years as a landscape contractor and we are able to design habitat restoration plans with simplicity and durability.

We pride ourselves on being a full service company that assists customers through all levels of a project, and this also helps ensure the success of a project.  Having a full service DESIGN-GROW-BUILD company is another level of customer service and quality control.   That quality control comes from having one ecological landscaping firm with an in house collaboration between landscape designers, botanists, wildlife biologists and restoration professionals.  ECI works to support each other as a team and making sure all our clients goals are met.