Lawn Replacement

 ECI has over twenty years of replacing lawns around the Bay Area.  We commonly used a technique called sheet mulching as a lawn removal method.  Sheet mulching is a technique used to enrich the soil in planting areas and remove lawns without the use of chemicals.  Sheet mulching involves layers of cardboard and wood chip mulch on top of mowed or flattened weedy or grass areas, mimicking the way that layers of leaves build up on forest floors.  This prevents light from getting to the lawn and it will slowly become a rich new planting area with increased soil organic content.  Organic content in the soil acts as a sponge, improving the drought tolerance of future plantings in the sheet mulched area.


A beautiful new garden that was once a boring lawn.



 Above is a design done for the Menlo Park Library’s lawn removal. 


Habitat Gardens

Sustainability means working with your property’s natural resources and habitats while saving money on material, installation, maintenance, upkeep and water bill costs. ECI specializes in consulting, designing, installing, and managing landscapes with California native plant influences. Our construction features are skillfully integrated with their surrounding environments to create harmonious outdoor living spaces. To assure quality, our organic native plant nursery propagates plants specifically for our projects.

Free Downloads of Habitat Garden Plant Lists and Descriptions:

  1. Grasslands Habitat 
  2. Oak Woodland Habitat 
  3. Redwood Habitat
  4. Coastal Scrub Habitat
  5. Pond and Rain Gardens
  6. Bioswales
  7. Green Roofs and Living Walls