Rosicrucian Park and Egyptian Museum Reduced Water Usage by 4.5 Million Gallons

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The Rosicrucian Order in San Jose began a large scale effort to convert the water-use intensive lawns at Rosicrucian Park to natives in 2009. Five years later they have now removed approximately two acres of sprinkler-irrigated lawns and replaced them with primarily drought tolerant California native plants. They are now saving 4.5 million gallons a year than when they started the conversion process. The Park includes the world famous Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, a planetarium, the Grand Rosicrucian Temple, and several other research buildings near downtown San Jose. The Rosicrucian Order applied and received Santa Clara Valley Water District rebates for most of the conversions implemented.

Lawns being sheet mulched.

Lawns being sheet mulched.


New Alchemy Garden installed with natives and alchemist plants.



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